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CIMES 2018 The 14th China International Machine Tool & Tools Exihibition

CIMES 2018 The 14th China International Machine Tool & Tools Exihibition

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The CIME2018 will be held in Beijing during 26th to 30th, July, our booth at CIME2018 is E2-T002, welcome to our booth and looking forward for our meeting there.

The CIME2018 will be held in Beijing during 26th to 30th, July, our booth at CIME2018 is E2-T002, welcome to our booth and looking forward for our meeting there.

CIMES 2018 is organized by the China National Machinery Industry Corporation and China National Machine Tool Corporation. The China International Machine Tool & Tools Exhibition (CIMES) is the third largest international machine tool & tools exhibition after Germany EMO and USA Chicago IMTS. CIMES provides a truly international showcase and trading platform of the world advanced manufacture industry in China, the global largest machine tool production and consumption market. Here, there are advanced manufacturing technology, world’s top numerical control machine tool, and automatic and intelligent factories, which will allow you to efficiently preview the forefront digital “Industry 4.0” changes, and help you to investigate the latest products, technologies, and solutions, so as to improve production efficiency and competitiveness in the quickest way.

CIMES 2018 will be unveiled at the China International Exhibition Center New Venue in Beijing on June 26th-30th, 2018. Held in Beijing every two years since 1992, CIMES was welcomed and supported by manufacturers, equipment clients, and foreign-trade circulating enterprises at home and abroad. CIMES brings the machine tool manufacturers and distributors together. After nearly 30 years of development, the internationalization of CIMES has got a substantive leap. 

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